My 3D House

I made this using AutoCAD and 3D Studio Max

Click for Actual Rendered Size SW Side of the House
It's build on a Hill!
East Side East Side of the House
It's transparent to see the structure beneath.
North-East Side North-East Side of the House
Notice the Palm trees.
West Side West Side of the House
Check Out my Doors!
Basement Swimming Pool in the Basement
Also has a Garage and a Safe for all of my Gold Bars
QuadCopter My First Quadcopter Build
This looks a bit tacky, but flew very stable.
My First Program I made for my job. (The Program is Good Old C)
Supermarket Setup Program
This will setup a physical shelf space with an array of parts to size of the shelf. This is scalable with just a few numbers to any size set of shelves!

KitsInventory KitsInventory Kits Inventory Change Graph. (R)
R Programming Language
The Graph varies each time there is new data.

Ashley Warehouse
This warehouse is no longer used by CNH so I figured I can post this.
The Kronkmobile!
First Lambo Model
My First Lambo Drawing
The Trans AM

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